May 2008

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Questions of the Week

Sometimes rude, sometimes crude, sometimes sweet or just plain crazy...

*5-18-08: Are politicians failing our lobbyists? Click Here>

*5-19-08: Do Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army know Alabama? Click Here>

*5-21-08: Who's given up on love? Click Here>

*5-22-08: Want to play with Bert Kreischer's face? Click Here> 

*5-23-08: Does Asheville need 59 ventriloquists? Click Here>

*5-24-08: What does your cat think? Click Here>

*5-25-08: What disease does Carlos Valencia have? Click Here>

*5-26-08: What are fries on the side? Click Here>

*5-27-08: Does God like jokes? Click Here>

* 5-28-08: What are "Hillary Rules?" Click Here>

* 5-29-08: Are you acting inappropriately yet? Click Here>

* 5-30-08: When should you use a lime? Click Here>

*5-31-08: Why would you say that? Click Here>

For more pressing questions, Click Here>

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