Resistance Grows


Feedback for United Airlines? United is one of Asheville Regional Airport's listed airlines, providing service to Chicago and Newark. Thus, a national controversy involving United's violent actions against one of its passengers might affect Asheville area travelers if overbooking becomes a problem again. That is, given the latest violence perpetuated by United Airlines policy, a new level of corporate brutality has emerged. To provide the airline with your "Fly the Bloody Skies of Disunited" concerns , you can email the company's Customer Care Department at or Click Here>


"We the People Act" Petition, an online and print petition, to support the amending of the U.S. Constitution to establish that money is not speech and that human beings, not corporations or other artificial entities, are "natural persons" entitled to constitutional rights. This is legal push back that is allowed by the Constitution of the United States to address citizens' grievances when they disagree with the U.S. Supreme Court. The "We The People Act" petition is to help nullify the two terrible verdicts handed down by the previous nine-member U.S. Supreme Court. This petition is something worth everyone's time who wants to restore democracy in America again. It is supported by many respectable organizations across Western North Carolina and beyond. Find out how your organization can also become a Coalition Partner to lend its weight to this most important cause. | | More>

"Indivisible," a free online practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda, launched its new website at The new site was needed to serve America's increasing demand to download Indivisible's "Resist Trump" material: More>

ACLU's "Freedom Cities Action Guide" at is online to help bring "local grassroots activists together." Its purpose is to defend communities against "the worst abuses of the Trump administration": More>

Dozens of citizens attended the ACLU Resistance Training Watch Party held downtown at The Block off Biltmore on March 11, 2017. The event offered an action plan of the ACLU's freedom fight against Trump's shredding of the U.S. Constitution: More>

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