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Beware of false solicitations for Fraternal Order of Police
Asheville police warn public about giving money over the phone

On Tues., Feb. 2, 2010, the Asheville Police Department (APD) reported that false solicitations are being made in the community on behalf of the APD.

An APD spokesperson said that the APD has received queries regarding phone calls made by people claiming to be affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Police and who have been asking for monetary donations for the police department.

"The Asheville Police Department does not engage in such solicitations," Chief Bill Hogan said. "The public should also be aware that the Fraternal Order of Police is not affiliated with this department."

Furthermore, Biltmore Forest police have advised the APD that their agency is currently investigating some of the solicitors for possible fraud in their jurisdiction, according to Chief Eric Tinsley.

Asheville police urge the community not to provide personal information such as names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, or any financial information over the phone, regardless of who the caller claims to represent.

NC judges side with park land sale to Coleman
Court of Appeal judges unanimously throw out the 'for the people' argument for park land near city hall that was sold to Stewart Coleman

*CITIZEN-TIMES POSTS NOV. 3, 2009, REPORT of the overturning of a Buncombe Superior Court judge ruling to save parkland sold by the Buncombe County commissioners to Asheville developer Stewart Coleman |

If the heirs of George Willis Pack, who had willed the land to the people of Asheville, decide to appeal the judgment, they will have to go to the North Carolina Supreme Court to overturn the latest NC Court of Appeals ruling.

The Court of Appeals' three-judge panel gave a revisionist interpretation of Pack's will and overturned a ruling by a Buncombe County Superior Court judge who had ruled in favor of the heirs of Pack. It remains to be seen what Stewart Coleman will do to the historic magnolia tree and the land that he now owns.

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