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"Craft beer is the strangest, happiest economic story in America" | Small breweries are thriving in Asheville and across the nation; it's the Davids beating up on the Goliaths, due in part to "intense local support," explains on Jan. 19, 2018: More>

Government shuts down on Trump's first inauguration anniversary; no telephone calls can be left on White House telephone, only emails can be sent | To congratulate Pres. Trump on his first anniversary in office, called the White House phone at 202-456-1111 to leave a comment. The time was 12:15 A.M., Jan. 20, 2018. Instead of being able to leave a comment for the president, a recording of two unidentified women came on explaining "The government is shut down." | Related story, Trump's inauguration speech includes his pledge to "rebuild our country and restore its promise for all its people," which could be a contender for the fakest of fake news in the past year: More> 

Asheville Restaurant Week Jan. 15 – 26 | 2018 rings in specials and special discounts at many of Asheville's fine and popular restaurants during Restaurant Week, promoted by the Asheville Chamber. Also, download an online PDF for all the tasty dishes and discount details of the week | More>

"Asheville's music scene is putting North Carolina on the map in a big way" | Posted Dec. 21, 2017 by writer Caitlin White on More>

Is "I am not a racist" today's equivalent of "I am not a crook"? | Trump channels Nixon as he continues his slide into an abyss of lies and deceit, taking down the GOP with him. Though 44 years apart in their utterances, the similarities of two presidents who became unfit to serve Americans is stark. Commentary by More>

Nine Fabulous Asheville Events for January 2018 | Provided by More>

Wanda Greene's "Fiasco" discussed at Dec. 1, 2017, business meeting | Asheville Daily Planet covered a local business association's meeting that shed more light on the widening controversy concerning Wanda Greene, who is accused of financial wrong-doing by local politicians and is under investigation by the FBI. Visit "Wanda Greene fiasco: Just how did it happen," published Jan. 2, 2018, at Also, other related news reports about Wanda Greene and Buncombe County's way-of-doing-business machinations continues to unravel: More>

Federal judge rules North Carolina gerrymandered congressional districts unconstitutional | Report by More>

Campaign photo of Sheneika Smith

2017: THE YEAR IN PICTURES | compiled a 2017 list of worthy photographic contenders, from local scenes and people to those of humor, wonder, sadness and plunder from around the world: More>

Higher education in North Carolina ranks high in Kiplinger's latest 'Best College Values' University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) ranked #61 of all public colleges in this year's recently released Kiplinger's Best College Values list; details at More> | Also noteworthy, UNC at Chapel Hill was rated as the Number One value of all public colleges in the nation: More> | Furthermore, Kiplinger's top 300 Best College Values ranked all colleges and universities in the US and gave high rankings to many located in North Carolina: More>

UNCA celebrates 90th anniversary | UNCA turns 90 during its 2017-18 semesters. Ongoing events, shareable photos and updates will continue in 2018. Visit More>

Yummy Asheville, says Zagat food survey | Asheville just got in at Number 30 by a respected foodie site, Zagat, as one of America's "30 most exciting food cities for 2017." In summary, Zagat said the past decade has been good for Asheville's food and drink scene. It pointed out AVL "has more breweries per capita than any other city in the US," and noted several top-notch chefs by name, adding this sweet kicker: "(T)he dynamic dining destination just keeps getting better." | Report published Dec. 17, 2017, at More>

Travel Info Now | Current real time NC travel info provided at, includes the Asheville Area and Western North Carolina: More>

Did you experience the only full SUPERMOON in 2017? Well, get ready for a full BLUE SUPERMOON in Jan. 2018 | Did you see the full SUPERMOON on Dec. 2, 2017, after Saturday Night Live was over? It was a bigger than usual and brighter than usual full moon. Spectacular, actually, because the weather was so clear and dry in the mountains. Good news, too: two more SUPERMOONS are headed our way in January 2018. It's a once in a blue moon opportunity, so to speak. | More>

Buy local, save local | Asheville Grown Business Alliance now offers the annual "Go Local Card" to support public education and local businesses. The 2018 card is now available for purchase. As always, it provides discount prices and special members-only offers. Buy in-person at local stores or go online to More>

Annual Holidays with a Musical Twist | Because music matters: More>

Original Music Matters | A handful of rock'n roll greats, for old-times sake: More>

UPDATE: How badly will the Republican tax bill hurt Asheville's real estate market? | National Association of REALTORS (NAR) said "tough work still ahead" as the tax bill heads to the president's desk. The National Home Builders Association (NAHB) went a step further in their condemnation of the tax bill: More>


VERY VERY TRUMP: Political news and economic updates for critical thinkers who care about the future of working class and middle class Ashevilleans — and  their fellow Americans, from coast to coast, and that includes Puerto Ricans. For example, it's such a "very very Trump" thing to do when Trump's FCC killed Net Neutrality; in the process, Trump hurt small businesses at the expense of helping big corporations, sad proof that Trump and Republicans broke their campaign promise of helping the little guy and draining the swamp. They did just the opposite. That's what critical-thinking Ashevilleans call a lie, or simply "Very very Trump": More>

Rep. Keith Ellison is the anti-Trump | Info at More>

Asheville's new city council takes office | Reports More>

Pit of Despair or Mountain of Repair | Downtown Asheville's power brokers have a wonderful chance to do something great for citizens and tourists and, in the process, repair trust in their leadership. | More>

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mission Health Back Together | The two giants of health care in Asheville and the region have finally come to their senses and joined hands with a new, official agreement: Effective Dec. 15, 2017, BCBS of NC, the largest health insurer in the state, is now back in-network with Mission Health, the largest hospital and provider of health care in Western North Carolina. What took "the kids" so long to play ball again? | More>

Have North Carolina businesses benefited from its 2013 tax cut? | Not so much, and certainly not as much as promised by the Republican-dominated state legislature. But NC did not fare as poorly as Kansas. So the jury is still out, reports the Washingtonpost, in its Dec. 3, 2017, article by Todd C. Frankel, entitled "What happened when North Carolina cut taxes like the GOP plans to for the country?" | More>

Asheville Number One on Lonely Planet's List | Greatest place in the U.S. to visit in 2017. Wow! | More>

Asheville is one of the top 100 best places to live in America | Published by | More>

Artsy Asheville | According to Lonely Planet | More>

ABC's of Asheville | An independent mini-tour of sorts features the Biltmore Estate by the travelog website More>

Republicans now coming after your benefits | The trusted media and knowledgeable people who care about saving the American Dream and preserving the financial wellness of the middle class are predicting that after the Trump-Republican tax plan passes and becomes the law of the land, more Americans will face cuts to their Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. | More>

Hang Your Head, Congress | Senate Republicans pass new tax bill in the wee hours of Dec. 2, 2017, designed to elevate the rich and corporations and stomp on the human rights and dignity of the middle class and poor. In the coming days and months, there is no doubt Ashevilleans will resist oppression and promote progressive — not regressive — ideas and solutions. Explaining the Senate Republican tax bill, Bernie Sanders said, "The president was lying to you. This is class warfare, and we're going to stand up and fight." | More>

30 Best Happy Hours in Asheville | The Yellow Pages comes through with one of the better and more diverse lists. It's ideal alike for tourists and residents who haven't been downtown recently. Things are changing fast in Central Asheville, particularly in the areas known as Historic Downtown, the RAD (i.e., River Arts District) and the South Slope| More>


Be Part of the First 5 Million: Sign Stayer's Petition to Impeach Trump | Billionaire Tom Steyer has mounted a television and Internet campaign to organize Americans to resist and call for the removal of Donald J. Trump, "a clear and present danger" as an "unfit president." More news about More>

Issues of the Day | Understanding politics today could mean life or death for your small business, maybe even life itself given that Trumpublicans continue to undermine Obamacare and American values of decency. "Trader" Trump, who trades away his campaign promises to the highest bidder, has become a great concern for informed Ashevilleans. That's why Issues of the Day has been compiled and written by, to help — in some small way, you, your family and friends, your favorite local business-owners and those of the greater Asheville middle-class community. May you succeed in spite of this Trump-crazed world: More>

Board a bus-full of laughs | Laughing is good for your health. Gladly, LaZoom Kid's Comedy Tour has your whole family covered this holiday season | More>

Asheville Area Weather Today | And forecast | More>

2018 U.S. winter outlook | SE: mostly mild; Midwest & NE: roller-coaster; NW: chilly; offers predictions and weather maps | More>

Quick Guide to many official City of Asheville websites | Includes up-to-the-minute news and advisories | More>


Secrets to living a long life | "Given my antiquity" advice and factual information that's useful now more than ever since Mission Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield have parted ways. | More>

 Enjoy your 'daily constitutional' and satisfy your curiosity about local history | During the fall, a walk along the Urban Trail in Downtown Asheville is a free and memorable way to experience this unique mountain city. | More>

Animals can make us healthier | More>

Asheville Mayor and Council 2017 election results | According to initial results, mayor Esther Manheimer soundly defeated challenger Martin Ramsey. Newcomers Vijay Kapoor and Sheneika Smith, along with incumbent vice mayor Gwen Wisler, won the three open city council slots in the Nov. 7, 2017 election. Official certification of the election results will come later. | More>

What's it like to live in Asheville? | In 2018, US News & World Report will be rating Asheville in its Best Places to Live Ranking. Its current write-up gives newcomers a good overview now. | More>


Charter/Spectrum continues in long-running NYC labor dispute | Charter is a large provider of cable TV, internet and telephone services in the Asheville area. | More>

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Supports NAFTA | Reuters reports that 300 local chambers across the nation signed a letter urging President Trump to keep the NAFTA trade agreement in place to avoid hurting American businesses. | More>

Protect Your Privacy | NSA has proposed no-warrant data collection, now used against criminals, to be used against all Americans. Fifty-eight human rights and civil liberties groups demand action to "End 702" and protect citizens' privacy rights. | More>

'One man shouldn't be in charge of the fate of the world' | In the midst of the national debate, including letter writers in Asheville, measuring the pros and cons of whether the US should nuke North Korea, a most sane article in The Atlantic about nuclear weapons — and one that quotes the 2017 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize | More>

Vadim Bora's New Exhibition Catalog Now Available: More>  | Anyone who remembers — and misses — the vibrancy, kindness and humor of master artist and sculptor Vadim Bora, who had a studio on Battery Park near the Flat Iron Building, will enjoy reading this March 31, 2014, article published in the Asheville Citizen-Times: More>



January - - Asheville Area Arts Council offers monthly events: More>

January - - Asheville's favorite bookstore features new books and events: More>

January - - Superb daily calendar for downtown and beyond: More>

January - - 50 things to do in Asheville: More>

January - - Calendar: More>

2018- - Create your own monthly calendar: More>

Asheville Area attractions | Varied. Plentiful. Affordable.More>


How to help Americans hit by Hurricane Harvey | Asheville-based MANNA FoodBank offers advice on how to best assist in the Hurricane Harvey and flooding relief effort. | More>

Local grassroots climate change movement |, one of the top environmental groups educating people about climate change and what can be done to reverse the increasing problem, is focusing its efforts on nurturing a local grassroots climate change movement that relies less on government action and more on what people demand. | More>

RESISTANCE GROWS | "Indivisible," a free, online guide to resist the Trump agenda, as well as the ACLU's "Freedom Cities Action Guide," are showing Americans how to effectively become freedom fighters against politicians who shred the U.S. Constitution and close their eyes to Trump's love affair with Russia: More>

"The People, Yes"



City will keep water system
rules NC high court

Yet some Republicans say the fight is not over

Thanks to a recent 5-2 ruling by the North Carolina Supreme Court, the people of Asheville will keep its water system. For five years, the City of Asheville fought against Republicans in North Carolina who wanted to take over its water system valued at approximately $173 million — and pay nothing for it. More>

 Clean Water for North Carolina, a nonprofit organization, was a strong supporter of the people's perspective and the final ruling by the NC Supreme Court that protects Asheville from being required to transfer its water system to the state against its will and without payment: More>


 GOOD-BYE TO MASS PROTESTS? | Can anyone imagine Asheville not being allowing to have mass protests? | More> 


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Today's Asheville vicinity travel info | NC DOT reports traffic and construction delays, accident incidents, and adverse weather. | Click Here>

MAIN is a local, non-profit, aggregator of local, state and national news. MAIN has long championed freedom-of-the-press issues. | More>


 'One Term More' adds music — and parody — to the political discourse | "The ballot box of freedom" takes center stage. (Special thanks to botany author, artist, activist and A-B Tech instructor Peter Loewer, a.k.a., for this link to | More>

Love LIVE music? | Revamped puts the spotlight on Asheville area musicians, bands, clubs, venues and festivals  | More>

Malaprop's current events | More>



 2017 Realtor poll puts Asheville as gentrification star

Like it or not, a poll conducted by the national REALTORS organization and published in its REALTORmag publication indicated that as of 2017 Asheville is considered to be Number 2 in the nation as one of the top 10 U.S. cities that is fast becoming gentrified. Charleston polled as Number 1 in the gentrification category for 2017, while Washington, D.C. came in 3rd, followed by Portland, OR, in 4th, and Nashville as 5th. For more of the lowdown about this somewhat dubious Top 10 award, read it and weep the news at: Asheville Citizen Times: More> | Asheville Daily Planet: More> | REALTORmag: More>


'Politics North Carolina' is real news for concerned citizens | A fine website to understand what's really going on in North Carolina and nationwide; a strong counterweight to the Republican propaganda oozing from the swamp of clever-like-a-fox, fascist-wingnuts. | More>

2016 Election Update: Democratic Roy Cooper wins NC governorship. But the former governor, Pat McCrory, a Republican, had trouble letting go of his power. More>

2017 The Fight is ON: When it became obvious that Democratic Roy Cooper was going to become the new governor of North Carolina, the Republican-dominated state legislature stripped newly elected Democratic Governor Cooper of historical powers that came with the job.
More> | Furthermore, the fight is on in the possible special elections in 2017 due to the unconstitutional gerrymandering by Republicans and the court-ordered new elections: More> | NC GERRYMANDERING UPDATE: Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court put a hold on resolving North Carolina's election mess brought on by NC Republicans' blatant gerrymandering and resulting lawsuits. Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court might have thrown a monkey wrench into the lower court ruling that had previously promised NC voters to proceed with the special 2017 elections. Carolina Public Press (CPP) reports on this ever-widening complex and controversial free election matter: More> |

Republican Power Play VERSUS The People: In the meantime, Gov. Roy Cooper threatens to see the NC Republicans in court. And for good reason. The GOP-dominated legislature took a nefarious political approach. The GOP is trying to prevent Cooper from taking action against issues the GOP support. This unprecedented, hurried and unethical, if not illegal, legislative move by the GOP ignores the voters' wishes. That is, the NC Republicans have acted against the wishes of the majority of NC voters who threw out their Republican governor in the 2016 elections and replaced him with a Democratic governor. It should have been a simple, standard, good-by to Pat McCrory, and a hello to Roy Cooper. The numbers don't lie. More>

Why NC Republicans' high-handed moves are unAmerican | It's one way or the other when deciding who truly represents the middle class; the choice today: Putinesque, authoritarian, elitist Republican power push for oligarchy versus the egalitarian will and right of Democratic people to have their voices heard in a vibrant democracy. Nothing is more clear in North Carolina, even in this age of alternative facts: the Dems won the 2016 NC governor's election fair and square, and the Repubs lost. That's called good old-fashioned American politics. The people have spoken in North Carolina: More>

'Against all enemies, foreign and domestic' takes on greater meaning today: In North Carolina and elsewhere across the nation, there is a growing wave of voter anger. More Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, are demanding that politicians do their job in defense of the U.S. Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic." The buck stops with with a president; unfortunatley, Trump holds contempt for traditional American values and only wants to enrich himself and his billionaire friends. See columnist Roger Cohen's article: More>

Drilling beneath the headlines | More>


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  There's plenty to do in and around Downtown Asheville

1. The Sky Bar, outdoorsy and high up in the Flat Iron Building on Battery Park Ave., gives great views of the city and mountains, not to mention some of the best drinks in town | More> | More>

2. Grove Arcade, just across from the Wall Street City Parking Garage, is a shopping and architectural treat in the heart of Asheville | More>

3. Woolworth Walk, the largest art and craft gallery in Asheville is 20,000 square feet of creativity with an old-timey lunch bar | More>

4. Asheville Civic Center (with the U.S. Cellular sign) on Haywood Street, offers great events throughout the year | More>

5. Fine Arts Theatre on Biltmore Avenue/Hwy. 25 offers many indie movies that might be just the ticket | More>

6. The Orange Peel on Biltmore Avenue always rocks with live performances | More>

7. The Biltmore Estate just south of downtown offers ticket discounts online | More>

8. Sierra Nevada Brewery, a few miles south of the Asheville Regional Airport off of Hwy. 280, is great fun no matter how big of a crowd you're bringing | More>

9. North Carolina Arboretum, southwest of downtown off Hwy. 191 or the Blue Ridge Parkway, is a wonderful walk any time of year | More>

10. Additional Highlights | More>

Find Downtown Asheville on Facebook | More>


Listen LIVE on WNCW-FM radio | Arguably, Western North Carolina's best community-oriented radio station | More>

GET SMART: A good reason to pick A-B Tech or UNCA | The debt crisis at America's colleges reported in | More>


Why local Asheville media industry must fight the FCC and Trump's effort to kill the Internet | In their small but important way, local Asheville area publishers, bloggers and owners of WNC Internet websites must support freedom of the press more than ever today: More>

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