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Nov. 17 - Jan. 4: Grove Arcade Winter Wonderland | Stoking the holiday spirit, Asheville Symphony Chorus performed at the Grove Arcade's holiday evening event on Fri., Nov. 17, 2017. Take a walk through the Grove Arcade to enjoy the winter lights and retailers. A beautiful and warm daily event. | More>

Nov. 23: Thanksgiving | Interesting facts and trivia about Thanksgiving — or is it called "fake Thanksgiving news" this year? Seriously, who was the first American president to have a food fight at Thanksgiving? Hint, he's known for having small hands. | Very Very Much More>

Nov. 25: Shop SMALL Saturday (NOT big at the MALL) | "Shop Small" on Nov. 25, 2017, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. When you do, you will be voting with your dollars; you will be voting for small entrepreneurs, not for big box stores and other big corporations. Doing so will send the Republican-led U.S. Congress a message that their tax-the-poor and hurt-the-middle-class-more proposed legislation is a loser — very, very sad. So smile big when you shop small. | More>

Save the Internet | A statement by MediaBear, the publisher of, about the positive effect that Net Neutrality has provided for all of us small and local businesses. | More>

Unfortunately, with the impending demise of Net Neutrality compliments of the Republicans will destroy the very bedrock of the Internet, a stage for all to play and prosper, be they local, small and weak or be they international, large and powerful. With Net Neutrality in place, as it has been, We the People have a voice. Without Net Neutrality, as the Republicans want, only the big and powerful in the swamp that Trump promised to drain would dominate, thereby diminish the rights of the people as promised and held to be a right in the U.S. Constitution.

Has Trump and his Bannon-dominated party who support Alabama's Ron Moore, a.k.a., Grand Old Pervert, also now the party who only supports the Great, the Opulent, and the Powerful. If so, the GOP has become sad, very sad to those middle class voters who believed in them.

Without Net Neutrality, us small businesses will become very, very sad indeed. | More>



EXHIBIT 1: Why local Asheville media industry must fight the FCC and Trump's effort to kill the Internet | In their small but important way, local publishers, bloggers and owners of Internet websites must support freedom of the press as well as legal challenges to counter those Republicans who are hurting small businesses here and across America by supporting the ending of Net Neutrality. By doing so, Republicans will kill the Internet as we know it now. They will be tipping the scales by helping large corporations drown out the diversity of voices and complexity of messages of individuals and small businesses. When local media groups and others throw their support to save Net Neutrality, as they did back during the Obama administration, locals will be part of the greater fight to support the First Amendment and counter the efforts of Republicans to diminish democracy for the middle class | More>

EXHIBIT 2: How badly will the Republican tax bill hurt Asheville's real estate market? | National Association of REALTORS (NAR) gives thumbs down to the Republican tax bill because "the bill represents a tax increase on middle-class homeowners." The National Home Builders Association (NAHB) went a step further in their condemnation of the tax bill with the NAHB Chairman explaining the Republican "tax changes will hurt the middle class by lowering household wealth." | More>

EXHIBIT 3: The Resistance Now: Activists plan to protest the Republican tax bill | More>

EXHIBIT 4: Stunning Non-Partisan Report about the Darkest Republican Tax Bill Ever | The stunning, shocking and hair-pulling Washington Post headline published on Nov. 16, 2017, "Senate tax bill would cut taxes for the wealthy and increase taxes on families earning less than $75,000 by 2027" will have most middle-class Americans screaming for economic justice. Yet the Republicans have mostly turned a  deaf ear to what middle-class Americans need. The recent report released by Congress's official non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation is a bombshell of truth about the proposed tax bill. It exposes how the rich will get richer at the expense of the middle class and poor. It explains how the middle class will pay more taxes to support the tax cuts for the wealthy under the GOP's current tax bill. Furthermore, just how Americans are going to react to Trump's Republicans new tax bill, should it pass as the new law of the land, will likely be ugly — that is, in Trump-speak, VERY VERY ugly — for GOPers who are up for election in 2018 and 2020. | More>



Animals can make us healthier | More>

Mission Health promotes other healthcare insurance providers who are in network | Due to a contractual dispute, culminating October 4, 2017, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina refuses to come to the negotiations table and has chopped Mission Health, Western North Carolina's largest hospital and provider of healthcare, from being in network. Consequently, Blue Cross Blue Shield, with some exceptions such as emergency care, no longer provides discounts for its customers who use Mission. Fighting back, Mission is promoting 21 alternative insurance companies that continue to give their customers in-network discounts at Mission. Good-bye, Blues? | More>

Mission and BlueCross do the unthinkable: Ending their contract | It's serious | More>

Commentary: Fix it, kids | Mission without The Blues? |  More>

Board a bus-full of laughs | Laughing is good for your health. Gladly, LaZoom Kid's Comedy Tour has your whole family covered this holiday season | More>

 Secrets to living a long life | "Given my antiquity" advice and factual information that's useful now more than ever since Mission Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield have parted ways | More>

 Enjoy your 'daily constitutional' and satisfy your curiosity about local history | During the fall, a walk along the Urban Trail in Downtown Asheville is a free and memorable way to experience this unique mountain city | More>


Asheville Mayor and Council 2017 election results | According to initial results, mayor Esther Manheimer soundly defeated challenger Martin Ramsey. Newcomers Vijay Kapoor and Sheneika Smith, along with incumbent vice mayor Gwen Wisler, won the three open city council slots in the Nov. 7, 2017 election. Official certification of the election results will come later. | More>

What's it like to live in Asheville? | In 2018, US News & World Report will be rating Asheville in its Best Places to Live Ranking. Its current write-up gives newcomers a good overview now. | More>

Asheville Area Weather Today | And forecast | More>

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Asheville is one of the top 100 best places to live in America | Published by | More>

Charter/Spectrum continues in long-running NYC labor dispute | Charter is a large provider of cable TV, internet and telephone services in the Asheville area. | More>

 U.S. winter outlook | SE: mostly mild; Midwest & NE: roller-coaster; NW: chilly; offers predictions and weather maps | More>

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Supports NAFTA | Reuters reports that 300 local chambers across the nation signed a letter urging President Trump to keep the NAFTA trade agreement in place to avoid hurting American businesses. | More>

Protect Your Privacy | NSA has proposed no-warrant data collection, now used against criminals, to be used against all Americans. Fifty-eight human rights and civil liberties groups demand action to "End 702" and protect citizens' privacy rights. | More>

'One man shouldn't be in charge of the fate of the world' | In the midst of the national debate, including letter writers in Asheville, measuring the pros and cons of whether the US should nuke North Korea, a most sane article in The Atlantic about nuclear weapons — and one that quotes the 2017 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize | More>

Pit of Despair or Mountain of Repair | Downtown Asheville's power brokers have a wonderful chance to do something great for citizens and tourists and, in the process, repair trust in their leadership | Demand More>

Vadim Bora's New Exhibition Catalog Now Available: Enjoy More>  | Anyone who remembers — and misses — the vibrancy, kindness and humor of master artist and sculptor Vadim Bora, who had a studio on Battery Park near the Flat Iron Building, will enjoy reading this March 31, 2014, article published in the Asheville Citizen-Times: Understand More>

Demand passage of the Dream Act | Contact your congressional representatives to pass the Dream Act to keep 800,000 Dreamers from being deported | More>

1.5 Million Americans Killed by Guns Since John Lennon was Shot | Make America Safe Again | More>

"We the People Act" Petition | Sign it (with your friends, too) to amend the U.S. Constitution to establish that money is NOT speech and that corporations are NOT human beings | | Act More>



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How to help Americans hit by Hurricane Harvey | Asheville-based MANNA FoodBank offers advice on how to best assist in the Hurricane Harvey and flooding relief effort. | More>

Top 10 Local News Stories of 2016

Water is one of them. Presented by CPP; i.e.,, an increasingly definitive source of well-researched, timely news for and about the Asheville area and Western North Carolina | More>


"Indivisible," a free, online guide to resist the Trump agenda, as well as the ACLU's "Freedom Cities Action Guide," are showing Americans how to effectively become freedom fighters against politicians who shred the U.S. Constitution and close their eyes to Trump's love affair with Russia: More>

"The People, Yes"

City will keep water system
rules NC high court

Yet some Republicans say the fight is not over

Thanks to a recent 5-2 ruling by the North Carolina Supreme Court, the people of Asheville will keep its water system. For five years, the City of Asheville fought against Republicans in North Carolina who wanted to take over its water system valued at approximately $173 million — and pay nothing for it. More>


Clean Water for North Carolina, a nonprofit organization, was a strong supporter of the people's perspective and the final ruling by the NC Supreme Court that protects Asheville from being required to transfer its water system to the state against its will and without payment: More>




Q: Can anyone imagine Asheville not being allowing to have mass protests?

A: Protesting has long been a social touchstone that makes Asheville great. It nurtures its deep-seated desire to speak out, to be free and independent. It prides itself in its analytical thinking and activism. It's what progressive citizens of Asheville do. When injustice rears its Putinesque head, Ashevillians think and talk. They gather facts and analyze them. Then, if necessary, they organize, mobilize and protest. Call it beautiful weird: Asheville folks are activists for good reason. They are keenly aware of what it means to be engaged. They understand why being involved is smart and the right thing to do to further strengthen the fabric of the community that benefits everyone, not just the powerful.

Q: So how does the Republican-dominated North Carolina state legislature respond to the citizens' right (not just privilege) to protest en masse?

A: In a word, SCREWU. Here's wus' up. The Republican-run North Carolina legislature is looking to curb mass protests. Seriously (as in cray-cray). And it's not alone. North Carolina joins 16 other states (as in USA, not Russia) that are also considering to limit mass protests by its citizens. (Do what?) Yeah, by statue (ya know, by law). Sad. Whether these dumb-as-a-hammer state statues will pass remains to be seen. But even to propose such dictatorial laws is beyond the pale (as in someone needs to get kicked out of office). More>


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MAIN is a local, non-profit, aggregator of local, state and national news. MAIN has long championed freedom-of-the-press issues.  | More>


 'One Term More' adds music — and parody — to the political discourse | "The ballot box of freedom" takes center stage. (Special thanks to botany author, artist, activist and A-B Tech instructor Peter Loewer, a.k.a., for this link to | More>

Love LIVE music? Revamped puts the spotlight on Asheville area musicians, bands, clubs, venues and festivals | More>

LiveWire Asheville | Interactive calendar of Asheville's very much alive performing arts scene | More>

Malaprop's current events: More>

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Buy local, save local | Asheville Grown Business Alliance now offers a "Go Local Card" to support public education and local businesses. The card provides discount prices and special members-only offers. Buy in-person at local stores or go online to More>

Read it and weep


 2017 Realtor poll puts Asheville as gentrification star

Like it or not, a poll conducted by the national REALTORS organization and published in its REALTORmag publication indicated that as of 2017 Asheville is considered to be Number 2 in the nation as one of the top 10 U.S. cities that is fast becoming gentrified. Charleston polled as Number 1 in the gentrification category for 2017, while Washington, D.C. came in 3rd, followed by Portland, OR, in 4th, and Nashville as 5th. For more of the lowdown about this somewhat dubious Top 10 award, read it and weep the news at: Asheville Citizen Times: More> | Asheville Daily Planet: More> | REALTORmag: More>


2016 ELECTION UPDATE: Democratic Roy Cooper wins NC governorship. But the former governor, Pat McCrory, a Republican, had trouble letting go of his power. More>

2017 THE FIGHT IS ON: When it became obvious that Democratic Roy Cooper was going to become the new governor of North Carolina, the Republican-dominated state legislature stripped newly elected Democratic Governor Cooper of historical powers that came with the job.
More> | Furthermore, the fight is on in the possible special elections in 2017 due to the unconstitutional gerrymandering by Republicans and the court-ordered new elections: More> | NC GERRYMANDERING UPDATE: Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court put a hold on resolving North Carolina's election mess brought on by NC Republicans' blatant gerrymandering and resulting lawsuits. Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court might have thrown a monkey wrench into the lower court ruling that had previously promised NC voters to proceed with the special 2017 elections. Carolina Public Press (CPP) reports on this ever-widening complex and controversial free election matter: More> |

REPUBLICAN POWER PLAY VERSUS THE PEOPLE: In the meantime, Gov. Roy Cooper threatens to see the NC Republicans in court. And for good reason. The GOP-dominated legislature took a nefarious political approach. The GOP is trying to prevent Cooper from taking action against issues the GOP support. This unprecedented, hurried and unethical, if not illegal, legislative move by the GOP ignores the voters' wishes. That is, the NC Republicans have acted against the wishes of the majority of NC voters who threw out their Republican governor in the 2016 elections and replaced him with a Democratic governor. It should have been a simple, standard, good-by to Pat McCrory, and a hello to Roy Cooper. The numbers don't lie. More>

INSTEAD, the political fallout of NC Republicans' ongoing, high-handed moves to ignore voters has the potential to be seen as an unAmerican, Putinesque, authoritarian, elitist Republican power push versus the profound will and right of Democratic people to have their voices heard. Nothing is more clear even in this age of alternative facts: the Dems won the 2016 NC governor's election fair and square, and the Repubs lost. That's called good old-fashioned American politics: More>

"AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC" TAKES ON GREATER MEANING TODAY: In North Carolina and elsewhere across the nation, there is a growing wave of voter anger in demanding that politicians do their job in defense of the U.S. Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic," starting with a president who holds contempt for traditional American values. See columnist Roger Cohen's article: More>


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