Dave Barry's 2011 Year in Review: The 2011 Year of Sleaze | Writes humorist Dave Barry in his first column of 2012, "It was the kind of year that made a person look back fondly on the gulf oil spill." | More>

Nek and nekkid? What do you call Asheville's latest grin and bare it and bear it event? More>

Jaxxon's Photo: Jackson Carson

Laugh Your Asheville Off continues | Asheville's biggest laugh-bash runs July 12 through July 16, 2011, at Diana Wortham Theatre. | More>

On how to keep warm | You won't be able to watch this on-the-street 15-second interview just once, guaranteed. | More>

New Original Illustration by Peter Loewer at BlackBird Frame & Art
'If it's Friday, it's Forest and Tosca.'
Peter Loewer's biting parody about how the upper-one-percent couple of Forest and Tosca lives in these mountains continues with Episode 4: "Limiting the Iconic." Click Here> 






Photo: Belzak/MediaBear
Tongue-On-Cheek Questions of the Week
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*Can you heat your home by 'Fire Hooping' in Asheville?
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*Can drunken Durham, NC, fraternity in danger of losing its house launch successful, hare-brained, economic fix?
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